Aim for the Stars!

As members of The League we all aim for the stars, in our own businesses and lives, through following our passion and committing to our goals.

Last month when we announced our hunt for a female-focused charity to align ourselves with, we received a nomination for Layne Beachley’s foundation, Aim for the Stars… after checking out the website and chatting with the team, we just knew we had a winner.

Aim for the Stars was established to ’empower and enable individuals to take charge of their lives,
to invest in the future and fulfill their potential’. The foundation provides grants to girls and women who reach out for help, in order to achieve their own big goals. We could not have asked for a more perfect alignment!

We are pleased to announce today that we have formed an official partnership with Aim for the Stars and will be exclusively supporting them, by funding grants from our profits on an ongoing basis. To celebrate the beginning of an exciting union, we will be contributing $5 from each ticket sold for our upcoming Miss Representation screening, on June 22nd in Melbourne.

PS. Massive happy birthday to Layne Beachley for yesterday, from all of us at The League! xoxo


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