Time to get a kick start to where you want to go: WORKSHOP I Melbourne

The League of Extraordinary Women:  Workshop I

  • Are you a YOUNG FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR looking to kick start a business?

  • Do you want education on how to grow your business the smart way?

If so, this workshop is for you….

At the incredibly successful launch event, the League of Extraordinary Women achieved its goal – to hold Australia’s First and Largest Young Female Entrepreneur event in Australian history! With over 120 females in attendance, the energy in the room was incredible. The speakers on the night were more than inspirational and left all attendees feeling as though, with a bit of determination, anything is possible.

Due to unprecedented demand, our first intensive workshop will be held on 17th December.  The Business Launch Workshop is designed to help all serious female entrepreneurs kick start their business and help all those newly-established businesses get to the next level.

More about what you will learn:

Developing a business mindset
An open discussion with the speaker panel on the challenges/opportunities they faced, as well as potential challenges/opportunities you will face, in the early stages of business. This session will be focused on the (sometimes harsh) realities of running your own business, with an aim to learn from the mistakes of others, and to develop a business mindset that will allow you to make clear decisions, pick yourself up when required and achieve success by staying focused on your vision.

Branding and using technology for growth
Nike didn’t come up with the tick on a whim! Your brand is the face of your business and will play a major role in the organisations success or failure. Learn the importance of, and how to develop, a strong brand that encapsulates who your business is, what it stands for and what your customers/clients will identify with. Learn how you can use technology to achieve more in your business in a much faster period of time, and the importance establishing systems that will see you through from start-up phase to your ultimate goal.

The importance of sales and marketing
A brilliant business or idea is no good to anyone if your potential customers/clients don’t know about it. Learn about the importance of being able to showcase your business to the right people, at the right times in order to achieve success. In this session, you will learn that sales is not a dirty word and is an essentially skill required by any business owner. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone and provide you with practical, real life experience that you can take back and use to create success for your business.

How to start small and build strength
In most instances getting from A to B is not a simple straight line. McDonalds did not open it’s 31,000 stores worldwide yesterday and become successful overnight, they started with a single store in 1940 in San Bernadino, California and there was a lot of work for Dick and Mac McDonald to do even to get that first store open. Learn why starting small, leveraging from others and building strength smart will lead you to a far more successful business that will withstand challenges and be better placed to take opportunities as they arise. The real meaning of thinking BIG and getting there.

Get ahead by knowing the numbers
If you don’t know where you stand, you simply don’t know where you stand. 80% of businesses don’t survive the first year, and almost all of those closures are due to financial pressure. In this session you will come away with everything you need to know to assess risk against possible return, make sound financial decisions and ensure you always know the financial health of the business. You’ll learn what business structure is right for you, and how to protect yourself financially and legally. Good financial management will give you an edge over your competitors, and will drive your business to great heights as you set targets and create benchmarks from one month (and ultimately one year) to the next.

The cherry on top!
The above sessions will be interspersed with team-building, leadership and sales exercises to get you out of your comfort zone and thinking differently.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities to get to know each other more and learn about your businesses, we know you will form a life-long bond through attending this workshop. You will be pushed to your goal-setting limits and will be assigned an accountability partner to keep you on track through 2012 and beyond. Afterwards we will all head to a local bar for some social time and to reflect on the day that was, make sure you keep the evening free as the reward at the end of the day is just as important as the hard work you put in.

More about our presenters:

Sarah Riegelhuth – Wealth Enhancers
Sarah is a Strategic Financial Adviser and founder of boutique private wealth management firm, Wealth Enhancers. Launched in 2009, the firm now manages over $90m for their professional, SME, sports and entertainment clients. Sarah is passionately committed to helping women realise their potential, both financially and in all aspects of their lives, she is regularly featured in women’s magazines as an expert on this topic.

Liz Atkinson – Zest Promotions
Liz Atkinson is one of Australia’s leading female social entrepreneurs. From moving to Australia as a backpacker in 2001, Liz has gone on to launch Zest Possibilities which houses a group of million dollar companies on an international stage. Combining her business acumen with social ventures, Liz and her team have raised millions of dollars for Australian & International charities.

Sheryl Thai Cupcake Central
Sheryl Thai started her career in the IT&T industry. During the economic downturn her IT Consultant role was made redundant and as a result she sought out to achieve her dream of owning her own cupcake business and left the IT industry to do so. Starting modestly in September 2009, she started her online cupcake business and baked at home with little capital. The business started to flourish as name of “Cupcake Central” spread through word of mouth and orders starting flowing through. Her company now has two Cupcake Central retail outlets in prime locations within a year, another food retail store and is starting a new franchiseable venture opening Jan 2012.

Marie Cruz-deVera – The Style Co
Marie’s retail merchandising experience and early start in business running an accessories label lead her to start Melbourne Fashion Bazaar, a pop-up fashion market and event for Melbourne’s young fashion and accessory designers. Determined to have a career in the business of fashion, Marie studied Fashion Product Development and Merchandising at RMIT. But it was when she had to plan her own wedding that she found her love for planning events again.

The workshop is only available for 15 serious female entrepreneurs

Details:  Saturday 18th February 2012
Location:  South Melbourne
Time:  10am-4pm (with celebratory drinks afterwards)

Purchase your tickets here:

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