Sarah Riegelhuth’s Top 3 Tips

Sarah, Director of Wealth Enhancers, spoke to us on the night and gave us some tips on starting and building a successful business.

Sarah, Liz, Sheryl & Marie of LOEW

  1. Stay on top of finances and cash flow management from day 1. Have a plan (cash position or part-time job), and keep your books up to date always so you know where you’re at financially. Remember – you only need to run out of money once and you’re out of business.
  2. Competition is good! You don’t have to have a brand new idea, you just have to do it better than your competitors or identify a different niche, competition provides you with case studies and great market research opportunities.
  3. Play to your strengths. Although as business owners you want to stay in control, it’s important to identify what you’re good at and hire people / surround yourself with people who are good at things that you’re not as skilled in, will allow you to progress faster and further.

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