We did it! Volume I – Melbourne

Last week on a Tuesday night, the League of Extraordinary Women achieved our goal – to hold Australia’s First & Largest Young Female Entrepreneur event in Australian history. With over 120 females in attendance, the energy in the room was incredible. The speakers on the night were more than inspirational and left the women int he room feeling as though that anything was indeed possible.

The extraordinary women gathering at the first event of this kind, full of energy, excited by the possibilities and creating a network with other like-minded young female entrepreneurs.

Phoebe Montague speaks about the harsh challenges and anxiety attacks she would get on the way to her corporate job, finally finding her passion and creating an award winning blog, Lady Melbourne.

Samantha Gash (in pink)- proves that size means nothing and that the power of the mind can overcome any physical pain, challenge or matter.

Over 120 young females filled Little Red Pocket and enjoyed every minute of the event.

After the event, the organisers of LOEW have had such strong positive feedback for the attendees and we want to keep that momentum going. Over the next few months we will be constantly posting up inspiring stories, business tips and creating a support network for our fellow LOEW.

As part of Volume I in Melbourne Sarah, Liz & Sheryl shared stories about their life, how they got started and their top 3 tips for young female budding and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Sheryl, founder and director of Cupcake Central and an organiser of LOEW was the first speaker at the event. Here’s a summary of what she shared with the women on the night.

Sheryl, after having lost her job as an IT Consultant during the GFC felt it was as though she was breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. Her world was turned upside down and was felt utterly shattered when the job she had put so much time and effort to was taken away from her. After picking herself up and re-evaluating her life she set out to follow her dream – she wanted to own her own cupcake store! Cupcake Central was then born as an online business and in less than a year their team has built two stores in Melbourne. How did she get to where she is in such a short amount of time? She shared her top 3 tips on the night.

1 – Passion. Be passionate about what you’re doing. When times start getting tough, you need to have that passion behind you because it will make it that much harder when you have to wake up at 4 am in the mornings, everyday. If you are truly passionate about what you are doing, you will do anything to make it work because you love it. Your passion will resonate onto others and they will help you become successful because they know that you geniunely love what you do.

2 – FOCUS. Follow. One. Course. Until. Successful. Being an entrepreneur, you find yourself wanting to do anything and everything. The trick is to focus on one thing and use all your energy towards it. Find your niche. Instead of focusing on a range of products and services, find that one thing that you know you do well in and make it happen. Cupcakes was always the primary product and focusing on making it the best cupcake possible with the resources possible made Cupcake Central a success.

3 – The company you surround yourself with. The girlfriends and friends that you surround yourself with will either help you succeed or it can be detrimental to you. Sometimes you will find that going out with your friends will be tough because you’ll need to be working on a Friday night when they’re out having Friday night drinks. They won’t necessarily understand what you’re going through and when they start bitching about their bosses, they’re not going to like it when they hear that you actually love your job and don’t have a boss to bitch about. Some will be jealous, others will give you snide remarks but at the end of the day you need to surround yourself with friends that are positive, supportive and most of all they challenge you. If you surround yourself with successful people with the mindset you want, you will find yourself striving to do the same and not lower your standards in order to fit in.One of the main reasons we created LOEW was so that young female entrepreneurs that often feel isolated working on their businesses on their own will have an opportunity to meet other like-minded women and not only create a network but lasting friendships.


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